About us

Where it all began..

The Cape Cultural Collective started rather informally in the second half of 2007 when a few musicians and poets, with vague notions of developing a progressive cultural space, met on the occasional Monday evening for some impromptu performances at a noisy Irish pub in the City.

In 2008, the group migrated to the District Six Museum and this is where CCC began to take shape, hosting a series of exciting monthly cultural programmes with music, poetry, dance and drama. Early successes included a growing relationship with the museum, the birth of the CCC resident band JAHM and the bringing together of a group who came to be known as the ‘CCC poets’.

The process was driven by a core team who shared common ideals. The CCC developed a focus as a non-racial, non-sexist, inter-generational cultural movement promoting social activism and change and reflecting on history and memory.

The CCC has over the years developed organic relationships with cultural groups across the Cape Flats and its projects and programmes reflect an inclusivity and diversity that is not often found in our City.

The CCC is run by an active, dynamic steering committee and an active Board. Its energy and creativity comes from the commitment of a range of individuals and groups involved in arts and culture. The CCC works closely with artists, cultural formations and organisations across the City and beyond.  ENDS.


To promote and develop an intergenerational, non-sexist, non-racist, non-discriminatory cultural performance and learning space.
Promote social and cultural activism.
Promote a space where artists can project their identities, ideas and creativity, and share these with others.
Promote a space that is supportive of critical debate
Promote and develop a space to reflect on history, memory and heritage
Promote and develop different art and creative forms.
To promote inclusivity, diversity and social cohesion through Arts and Culture.”


People are united, connected and empowered through arts and culture.”


“The Mission of the Cape Cultural Collective is to unite diverse communities through providing a platform for the development and growth of Arts and Culture.”




The income of the CCC is derived from performance fees, donations and small funding grants. 

The Board

Learn more about this dynamic group of people who support the Cape Cultural Collective.