The Cape Cultural Collective is a pro-active organisation promoting arts & culture and needs your assistance to keep our initiative strong.


Since 2007, the Cape Cultural Collective has grown into a powerful movement.

Through arts and culture, we bring people together and promote personal and collective development.

We run regular cultural programmes and concerts; have three choirs with about 100 singers; have published a poetry anthology; run an annual camp for our junior singers and do theatre productions and human rights programmes.

The CCC actively promotes equality and justice through our programmes. We also seek to build a shared citizenship and humanity in a social context with many divides.

Back-a-Buddy Fundraiser

Support our fundraising to ensure the future of our choirs. 

The Circle of Culture 

On Monday 13 June, we are launching a major 10-day campaign to expand our Circle of Culture, the Cape Cultural Collective’s main fundraising platform.
The CoC is a network of more than 80 supporters who make monthly contributions or do an annual lump sum.
See brief video for details.


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