The Rosa Choir


An inspirational choir was born in Cape Town late in 2012. The Rosa Choir Project consists of an incredibly diverse group of choristers that sing traditional songs in Afrikaans, Xhosa and English.

The project was inspired by the discovery of an English and Xhosa translation of the traditional Dutch/Afrikaans song Rosa, on the internet. Rosa is an iconic song that used to be sung regularly at Malay weddings and at choir competitions in the City.

The name is simply drawn from the first song sung, but the choir has a growing repertoire that includes Daar Kom die Alabama, Mbube, Lean on Me, This Land is Ours, African Dream, Stand By Me, Hallellujah, Suikerbossie, Ndihamba Nawe, Ek Verlang, the Click Song, Asimbonanga and I Believe.

The choir is a truly diverse one, transcending class, colour, religion, language and geographical areas. The members include singers in gospel choirs, youth activists, casual workers, a lawyer, a landscaper, Malay choir veterans, a visitor from the US, a marathon runner, a long distance swimmer, among others.

The choir continues to grow and currently consists of over 30 members.

The choir has performed on numerous stages over the years and had a sold out theatre- performance in September 2015.

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