Youth profile: Chadwin Nel

Youth profile: Chadwin Nel

by | Jun 21, 2024 | Profiles

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Name: Chadwin Nel
Position in CCC: Steering Commitee, Media & Communications member and many more.

Greetings Everyone!

I’m excited to share my journey and experiences with you. I play a key role in ensuring and assisting the smooth flow and growth of our social media presence. Recently, I’ve taken on a position at Hot Coffee Digital Media, owned by Rosa Choir member Lynette Dreyer. Here, I’ve acquired a whole new set of skills, including content design, social media management, and website SEO, to name a few.

My journey with the Cape Cultural Choir (CCC) has been remarkable. From being a 14-year-old boy introduced to the Rosa Choir by Aziza Davids to now being actively involved in planning and executing strategies for success, it has been an incredible experience. I also handle the setup of sound for events, ensuring everything runs smoothly. The knowledge and skills I’ve gained from being part of the CCC are immense and too numerous to mention.

Overall, I believe the work that the CCC is doing is absolutely incredible for both youth and artists everywhere. They create a platform to promote arts and culture with a strong commitment to inclusivity and a non-racial environment, ensuring no one gets excluded. We work together as one big, happy family.

Thank you for being a part of this wonderful journey with us!