Uniting artistic forces: Cape Cultural Collective (CCC) and Real Art World (RAW) collaboration

by | Jul 21, 2023 | News, Triple C Ensemble, Triple C recordings

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The world of art is a captivating realm where creativity knows no bounds.

In an inspiring collaboration, the Cape Cultural Collective (CCC) and Real Art World have joined hands to produce three mesmerizing videos featuring dance, music, and poetry. This remarkable initiative is part of the CCC’s Triple C Recordings Project, which was set in motion 18 months ago with the release of the enchanting track, “Midnight Blue.” With the completion of these new videos expected in September, the creative energy and artistic talents are set to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of art enthusiasts.

The Birth of the Triple C Recordings Project

Almost two years ago, the Cape Cultural Collective embarked on a musical journey known as the Triple C Recordings Project. Its inception was marked by the release of the captivating track, “Midnight Blue.” This soul-stirring composition, masterfully put together by the talented Mansoor Jaffer, featured the musical prowess of Wayne Barthies on bass and Dylan Roman on keyboard. The track gained immense popularity, accumulating thousands of streams and captivating audiences across four radio stations. As a testament to its power, “Midnight Blue” was even performed live at a wedding earlier this year, leaving an everlasting impression on all who were present.

RAWA Union of Diverse Artistic Talents

Now, the Triple C Recordings Project has reached new heights as it encompasses not only music but also poetry and dance. The latest videos will showcase the brilliant collaboration of the Triple C Ensemble, featuring some of the poets whose verses graced the pages of the CCC’s 2022 poetry anthology, “Beyond Truth’s Edge.” Each poet’s words, like brushstrokes on a canvas, paint vivid imagery and evoke emotions that resonate deeply with the audience.

Triple C recordings with Poets from 'Beyond truth's edge'

Incorporating Dance as a Visual Expression

Dance, the language of movement and emotion, will also be an integral part of these captivating videos. The project has partnered with esteemed organizations, including the Likhwezi Arts Group, whose dancers will grace the screen with their expressive performances. Among them is the exceptionally talented Darion Adams, whose every move seems to convey an untold story. Together, they will dance in harmony, adding a visual dimension to the artistic amalgamation.

Likwezi dancers on stage during a CCC event in 2022

A Symphony of Artistic Expressions

The synergy of dance, music, and poetry promises to be a symphony of artistic expressions, transcending cultural boundaries and reaching the hearts of people from all walks of life. The Cape Cultural Collective and Real Art World aim to ignite a spark within the souls of their audience, fostering a deeper appreciation for the arts and their power to inspire, heal, and unite.

Anticipating the September Premiere

As the creative process unfolds, enthusiasts eagerly await the grand premiere of these three extraordinary videos in September. With a vision that goes beyond the ordinary, the Cape Cultural Collective and Real Art World are set to deliver an awe-inspiring experience that will stay etched in the memory of all who partake in this artistic journey.

In a world sometimes filled with chaos and noise, art emerges as a sanctuary that speaks to the human spirit. The joint efforts of the Cape Cultural Collective and Real Art World have birthed an extraordinary initiative, bringing together dance, music, and poetry in three captivating videos. Through the Triple C Recordings Project, they have already proven their artistic prowess with the spellbinding track “Midnight Blue.” Now, with the imminent release of the new videos, we eagerly await the harmonious fusion of the Triple C Ensemble, poets from “Beyond Truth’s Edge,” and the mesmerizing dancers from partner organizations. This artistic symphony promises to leave an indelible mark on the canvas of creativity and touch the hearts of art enthusiasts worldwide.