Nature and Arts overnight hike 11

“The stars were so close!” 30 Young nature enthusiasts embark on an overnight hike

by | Aug 30, 2023 | Art & Environment programme

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A Journey Through Nature

Over the past weekend, the Cape Cultural Collective’s Nature and Arts Programme brought together 30 young people for an unforgettable overnight hike. This thrilling adventure took them through the stunning landscapes of Constantia Nek, with an ultimate destination – the Ash Valley Hut of the Western Province Mountain Club (WPMC).

The group embarked on their hike with enthusiasm and excitement, eager to leave behind the hustle and bustle of daily life and immerse themselves in the serene wilderness. The hike led them through various terrains, and as they ascended from Constantia Nek, they passed by four picturesque dams.

One of the highlights of their journey was reaching the Ash Valley Hut, where they would camp overnight. The hut, maintained by the WPMC, provided a comfortable and safe space for the hikers to rest and bond over their shared love for nature. It was here that they truly felt the embrace of the wild and marvelled at the breathtaking views that surrounded them.

Nature and Arts overnight hike 1

Connecting with Nature

For these young hikers, the experience was nothing short of magical. Chadwin Nel, one of the participants, exclaimed, “It was an amazing experience having to spend the night in the presence of nature in all its glory.” This sentiment was echoed by Meagan Baradien, who shared her own unique perspective: “My highlight was the dams; it was so beautiful, and not hearing cars and people screaming, just birds, beetles, and animals talking around us. And the stars were really close.”

It’s clear that the hike offered a profound opportunity for these young individuals to connect with nature in a way they had never done before. Away from the distractions of urban life, they could appreciate the serenity of the natural world and the symphony of sounds that often go unnoticed.

A Diverse Group

The 30 participants came from various organizations, including the Likhwezi Dance Group, the Rosa Choir Youth, and the Heritage Education and Resource Project (HERP). This diversity in backgrounds and interests made the hike even more enriching, as the young hikers shared their unique perspectives and stories throughout the journey.

The overnight hike organized by the Cape Cultural Collective’s Nature and Arts Programme was not just a hike; it was a transformative experience. These 30 young nature enthusiasts discovered a profound connection to the natural world and each other. The beauty of the dams, the tranquility of the wilderness, and the closeness of the stars left an indelible mark on their hearts. As they returned to their daily lives, they did so with a renewed appreciation for the wonders of nature and the bonds they had formed during their incredible adventure.

Nature and Arts overnight hike 11