Rosa Choir Resurges Amidst Pandemic Challenges

by | Sep 21, 2023 | Rosa Choir

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Rosa Choir Resurges Amidst Pandemic Challenges

Cape Cultural Collective’s Rosa Choir Soars with Enthusiasm and New Endeavours

After a brief hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Cape Cultural Collective (CCC) proudly announces the remarkable resurgence of the Rosa Choir. Led by the talented Director Monde Mdingi and passionately supported by Chairperson Chris Blaauw and his dedicated committee, the choir is experiencing an exciting revival, with a growing membership and an ever-expanding song repertoire.

The Rosa Choir, one of the nine inspiring projects of the Cape Cultural Collective, has long been a beloved and vibrant part of the local cultural landscape. Despite the unforeseen challenges brought on by the pandemic, this community choir has rallied with resilience, determination, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Under the visionary leadership of Director Monde Mdingi, the Rosa Choir has navigated the turbulent waters of the past few years with grace and determination. The choir’s members have worked diligently during this period, ensuring that their collective voice remains a beacon of unity, hope, and inspiration.

One of the driving forces behind the choir’s resurgence is its commitment to expanding its repertoire. The Rosa Choir has embraced a diverse range of songs, each carefully chosen to reflect the rich tapestry of cultures that make up the CCC community. This evolution in their musical offerings by, including 3 of South Africa’s 12 languages in their songs, has further solidified their place as a dynamic and inclusive choir, representing the essence of Cape Town’s multicultural heritage.

The energy and momentum within the choir are palpable, especially during their weekly practices. The dedication and passion of the choristers shine through as they prepare for an eagerly anticipated concert slated for late October. While details are being fine-tuned, anticipation is building, and the CCC encourages the community to watch this space for more exciting announcements regarding this upcoming musical extravaganza.

In a statement, Director Monde Mdingi expressed his gratitude to the choir’s members and supporters, saying, “The Rosa Choir has weathered the storm, and we are more united and determined than ever before. We can’t wait to share our music and the spirit of community with everyone once again.”

The Cape Cultural Collective and the Rosa Choir invite you to follow their journey and stay tuned for updates on their upcoming concert and other exciting initiatives. Join the conversation online by using the hashtags #rosachoir, #choirlife, #communitychoir, #choirfamily, and #choirpractice to share in the joy and inspiration of this remarkable cultural resurgence.

The Rosa Choir practising for their upcoming concert at the end of October

The Rosa Choir practising for their upcoming concert at the end of October

Monde Mdingi directing the Basses and Tenor while practising 'More Tannie'

Monde Mdingi directing the Basses and Tenor while practising ‘More Tannie’

Monde Mdingi and Christopher Ferndale chat after a choir practise

Monde Mdingi and Christopher Ferndale chat during a choir practise