In 2018 the Foundation for Human Rights and the CCC started an innovative collaboration – the launch of a series of cultural programmes and workshops with a strong human rights focus.

The series is now in its third and final year. Ten powerful programmes took place in the first two years. Each had two components – a human rights themed community concert and a workshop focusing on the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The series brought together Langa and Bonteheuwel and then Gugulethu, Manenberg and Tambo Village, areas long kept apart by artificial apartheid divides. Other events included a camp with a focus on children’s rights, choir concerts, cultural programmes, and diversity and HR workshops for youth. Communities participated in planning, performances, transport, audio visual and food provision and mobilising support.

This year the human rights programmes are going online.


Our Community Voices Partner

The aim of the Foundation is to address the historical legacy of Apartheid, support the transformation of South Africa and build a human rights culture using the Constitution of South Africa as a tool.