The Rosa Choir

A choir representing the cultural and community diversity present in South Africa. Members young and old make up the dynamic group and they have ben entertaining and wow-ing crowds since 2015!

The Junior Rosa Choir

Our junior Rosa Choir is a bundle of fun and joy! Practise session include weekly get-togethers to sing, eat and dance. Annual choir camp to elebrate is a much loved event. 

The Wesley School Choir

A joyful choir including songbirds from 5 years old up to early teen age. The project is enthusiastically supported by the children of the Wesley Practising School in Saltriver.

Community Voices for Human Rights

Three year funded collaboration with the Foundation for Human Rights, “Community Voices for Human Rights”, a series of cultural programmes, community concerts and human rights workshops.

Address Unknown

Original music provided for short film on District Six removals, “Address Unknown”

Food drives

Food drives for artists and their families during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Collaborating on an SABC documentary
Publication of poetry anthology, featuring the work of nine CCC poets
Establishment of Jahm, a band composing and performing original music
Poetry/musical production uHadi at an international cultural festival in Paris, France
Facilitation of four major concerts for UWC
Involvement in cultural tourism initiatives
Establishing four community choirs
Monthly Cultural Programmes