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The Triple C Ensemble

The Cape Cultural Collective (CCC) has a long-standing tradition of assembling ensembles for various events.

This year, the CCC is taking a significant step by formalizing the concept as the “Triple C Ensemble,” one of the esteemed nine programmes/projects of the organization.

The primary objective of the Triple C Ensemble is to create a nurturing platform for participants to refine their artistic talents through exceptional high-level performances and professional recordings. The ensemble is envisioned to comprise anywhere from three to twelve members, both from within and beyond the CCC community.

With a strong foundation in existing choir songs, the ensemble will also venture into developing its own unique repertoire. This creative endeavor aims to explore new artistic dimensions while preserving the essence of the CCC’s cultural heritage.

Already, the Triple C Ensemble has showcased its remarkable talents through two successful performances, leaving audiences in awe of their artistry. The ensemble’s captivating presence on stage has garnered much appreciation, paving the way for an exciting musical journey ahead.

Latest news

Cape Cultural Collective launches music video – ‘Something inside so strong’

In an exciting development, the Cape Cultural Collective officially launched a music video at its Annual General Meeting on 25 October 2023. 

Uniting artistic forces: Cape Cultural Collective (CCC) and Real Art World (RAW) collaboration

In an inspiring collaboration, the Cape Cultural Collective (CCC) and Real Art World have joined hands to produce three mesmerizing videos featuring dance, music, and poetry. This remarkable initiative is part of the CCC’s Triple C Recordings Project, which was set in motion 18 months ago with the release of the enchanting track, “Midnight Blue.”

Flicking the musical switch

The CCC was requested to perform at the year-end...

In the coming months, the Triple C Ensemble has an ambitious project on the horizon—a music video set to be completed in September. This visual representation of their musical prowess promises to be a treat for both the eyes and ears, as it encapsulates the spirit of the ensemble’s artistic expression.

With a focus on fostering artistic growth and presenting culturally enriching performances, the Triple C Ensemble embodies the very essence of the Cape Cultural Collective’s mission. As it continues to evolve and expand its repertoire, this ensemble stands as a testament to the power of unity, creativity, and the celebration of diverse cultural expressions. The Triple C Ensemble’s journey is one to watch, as it leaves an indelible mark on the cultural landscape, inspiring artists and audiences alike.