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The Arts and Nature programme

A powerful new initiative launched by the Cape Cultural Collective to Empower Young People.

The programme is co-ordinated by Meaghan Baradien, member of the Rosa choir.

In a bold move aimed at the future generation, the Cape Cultural Collective launched the Arts and Nature Programme in 2021.

Designed specifically for young people, this transformative initiative serves multiple purposes, with several key aims at its core.  At the heart of the programme lies the intention to forge a profound connection between the arts and the environment.

Latest news

Exploring the Majestic Silvermine Area

Join our vibrant community on an unforgettable journey through Silvermine to Muizenberg Peak. Experience awe-inspiring landscapes!

Pictures arranged just for us!

This past Sunday, 20 youth from Gugulethu ,...

“The stars were so close!” 30 Young nature enthusiasts embark on an overnight hike

Over the past weekend, the Cape Cultural Collective’s Nature and Arts Programme brought together 30 young people for an unforgettable overnight hike. This thrilling adventure took them through the stunning landscapes of Constantia Nek, with an ultimate destination – the Ash Valley Hut of the Western Province Mountain Club (WPMC).

Exploring Nature’s Beauty: Youth Enthusiastically Trek Mountain Trails!

In an ode to the captivating wonders of nature, 25 vibrant young individuals from the CCC Arts and Nature project embarked on a thrilling mountain hike one cloudy Sunday morning.

A Day of Adventure and Environmental Education

Cape Cultural Collective Connects Youth with...

Shared waters connect youth from south africa and the netherlands

This past Saturday, 27 MAY 2023, 5 youth from...

By raising awareness and offering information about pressing environmental issues and their significance, the programme seeks to foster a deeper understanding of the environment’s intrinsic value and the urgent need for its protection.

Regular outdoor excursions, often in the form of hikes, is one way this programme aims to reach the young people participating in the programme.

By offering opportunities, resources, and support, the initiative aims to empower and guide those who aspire to make a meaningful impact in the environmental sector.

The Cape Cultural Collective’s Arts and Nature Programme represents a significant step towards empowering young individuals and nurturing their understanding of the environment.

It is a testament to the CCC’s commitment to environmental stewardship and their belief in the transformative power of the arts to shape a sustainable future.

If you’d like to support this initiative – please get in touch with us using the below email button.

Support the Arts and Nature programme

By leveraging various artistic mediums such as poetry, prose, music, dance, and photography, the programme aims to create a powerful fusion of creativity and ecological awareness.

Through artistic expression intertwined with environmental themes, this initiative strives to illuminate the intrinsic link between the two domains, fostering understanding and appreciation for the natural world.

Additionally, the programme endeavors to broaden the horizons and opportunities available to young people from the Cape Flats. Recognizing the significance of expanding their perspectives, this initiative is committed to providing access and exposure to novel experiences that can profoundly impact their worldview and comprehension of the world around them.

A fundamental objective of the programme is to expand knowledge and education concerning the vital role of the environment in our world.

By highlighting the interconnected nature of the natural world with various aspects of social life, such as culture, economics, and community well-being, the initiative aims to cultivate socio-ecological awareness.

It emphasizes the interdependence of these systems, encouraging participants to explore how the environment influences and is influenced by these diverse realms.