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The CCC Choirs

Rosa and Junior Rosa Choirs

Community Choirs with a difference! The Rosa and Junior Rosa Choir representing the cultural and community diversity present in South Africa consists of members young and old.

Theater access and support programme

Artscape and Baxter theatre outings

In it’s drive for inclusivity and equality the CCC has added the Theatre Access and Support Programme to its growing list of activities where members and friends of the CCC do monthly group visits to the theatre.

The Cape Cultural Collective Art and Nature programme - Bonding with nature

Arts and Nature programme

Engaging the youth through nature

A powerful new initiative launched by the Cape Cultural Collective to Empower Young People. The programme is co-ordinated by Meaghan Baradien, member of the Rosa choir.

Musical Training and Development Programme

The power of music!

In 2021, the Cape Cultural Collective launched its Musical Training and Development Programme, which has quickly become a transformative force in the lives of its members and the Rosa Choir.

Poetry Anthology

A poetry book

Cape Cultural Collective publishes Beyond Truth’s Edge, its second poetry anthology Our second poetry anthology, Beyond Truth’s Edge, was published in December 2022, as part of the Cape Cultural Collective’s 15th anniversary.

More accomplishments

Publication of poetry anthology, featuring the work of nine CCC poets
Establishment of Jahm, a band composing and performing original music
Poetry/musical production 'uHadi' at an international cultural festival in Paris, France
Facilitation of four major concerts for UWC
Involvement in cultural tourism initiatives
Establishing four community choirs
Monthly Cultural Programmes
Collaborating on an SABC documentary