Poet spotlight: Winslow Schalkwyk

by | Jun 6, 2023 | Poet spotlight

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Since first taking to the stage in 2006, Winslow Schalkwyk has grown into a multi-faceted performer who speaks from a space of truth, reverie and contemplation. 

Art has always been a medium to unpack the human experience. Whether addressing masculinity and how queer men love, to the story of “coloured” people and their political, cultural and socio-economic struggles, Winslow’s poetry is felt whether read aloud, in silence or performed live for an audience.

The personal and political meet in a performer whose multi-faceted approach to their art is an auto-biographical exploration into stories that need to be told.

Winslow uses poetry, film and photography to weave narratives that invite the audience into their world. Expanding their art into a fusion of visuals and spoken word that lives digitally and is able to reach a broader and wider audience.

Evolution as an artist, a writer and a performer is what Winslow strives for and every opportunity to express their art and their point of view matters.