Joyous occasion at Rosa Choir practice: New members and exciting repertoire expansion

by | Jul 26, 2023 | News, Rosa Choir

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Zeekoevlei, July 23rd – The Rosa Choir gathered at Zeekoevlei on a delightful Saturday afternoon for a special practice session filled with excitement and promising new developments.

Under the guidance of their newly appointed choir director, Monde Mdingi, the atmosphere was buzzing with energy as 16 enthusiastic new choir members made a grand entrance. Their addition is expected to enrich the choir’s repertoire and practice sessions significantly.

The choir members joyfully embraced the opportunity to get acquainted with the fresh faces and voices that have joined their ranks. Monde led the group through a new piece, ‘This little light of mine,’ showcasing the Rosa Choir’s renowned ability to sing in three different languages.

In addition to the new piece, the choir explored some captivating new song-flavors, infusing their performance with fresh dynamics and creative arrangements. The upcoming annual Rosa Choir concert was also a topic of discussion during the gathering, as the choir members eagerly prepared to showcase their harmonious talents to the audience.

Following the uplifting singing session, everyone enjoyed refreshing refreshments while capturing delightful moments with selfies on the venue’s picturesque lawn.

Notably, the Rosa Choir has established its own management structure, ensuring a well-organized and outstanding performance for their upcoming shows. Expect to be captivated and wowed by the magic of the Rosa Choir as they continue to enchant audiences with their extraordinary musical talents.

Stay tuned for more updates on their journey and upcoming events!

About Rosa Choir: Rosa Choir is a renowned musical ensemble known for its mesmerizing performances in three languages. Led by the talented choir director, Monde Mdingi, the choir continues to expand its repertoire and captivate audiences with their harmonious melodies.