From Manenberg to Germany – Aziza spreads her wings

by | Jun 12, 2023 | News

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Aziza Davids, hailing from Manenberg, is gearing up for an exciting journey next week. She is all set to fly to Aachen, Germany, where she will participate in ‘Kick-off’ at The Shack, cultural festival, jointly organized by Germany and South Africa.

The highlight of her visit will be her performance at the launch of The Shack project on June 16. Alongside this, Aziza will conduct music workshops, collaborating with learners from both South Africa and Germany. The aim of these workshops is to foster collaboration and create a space for cultural exchange.

Aziza holds multiple roles within the musical community. She serves as the project manager of the Junior Rosa Choir, as well as a singer in the Rosa choir. Additionally, she is an esteemed member of the CCC Steering Committee.

Expressing her emotions about the upcoming trip, Aziza shares a mix of excitement and sadness. While she is thrilled about the opportunities ahead, she also feels a sense of longing for her wife and family, whom she will dearly miss during her time away.

Leeroy Jansen, a member of the CCC, highlights the admiration and trust the teenagers in the organization have for Aziza. They look up to her as a role model and often confide in her for guidance and support.

Vusumuzi Mpofu, a poet and fellow member of the CCC Steering Committee, expresses the collective excitement of the CCC regarding Aziza’s upcoming journey. They have full confidence in her ability to deliver outstanding performances and are certain that she will impart invaluable skills, knowledge, and expertise through the music workshops.

Aziza’s trip to Germany represents an incredible opportunity for her to showcase her talent, promote cultural exchange, and contribute to the growth of young musicians from both South Africa and Germany.