Values, Vision & Mission

At the beginning of 2018 the Cape Cultural Collective’s members gathered during a brainstorming session to define the CCC’s core values, vision and mission.


  1. To unite and empower artists and communities in Cape Town through arts and   culture.
  2. To unite across cultures to permanently break down barriers through arts and culture.
  3. To inspire social cohesion through arts and culture.


  1. To promote and develop an intergenerational, non-sexist, non-racist cultural performance and learning space; (Non discrimantory,)
  2. Promote social and cultural activism;
  3. Promote a space where artists can project their identities, ideas and creativity, and share these with others;
  4. Promote a space that is supportive of critical debate
  5. Promote and develop a space to reflect on history, memory and heritage
  6. Promote and develop different art and creative forms.
  7. The secondary objective is to enter into partnerships, relationships and collaborations with other organisations which support the objectives in 2.1.
  8. inclusivity,, Diversity, integration, social cohesion.


The Cape Cultural Collective is a non-racial, non-sexist inter-generational movement promoting social activism and reflecting on history and memory.