He has been involved in music throughout his life with the Cape Malay Choirs and the Klopse carnivals.  He started professionally in the arts in 1989 by attending a drama workshop in Manenberg presented by the Manenberg People’s Center, and then learned to play guitar in 1992 through this center.  He also grew to love the theater, starting professionally in 1994 in the production of “Koesiester Mentality” showcased at V&A Waterfront Theater.  Recently he was the lead in a pilot move for the Heart Foundation of SA, and he was one of the lead actors for an advert aired on SABC 3’s Espresso.  He has also collaborated with Jill Levenberg, in the writing of the play titled “Maid in Cape Town”, and as the musical duo called Levenberg and Johnson.  He volunteers for Manenberg organizations, is a member of the Chrysalis Academy Club, and serves on the PANSA WC board.  He is interested in arts that bring across a strong positive message.  He is passionate about theater, script writing, song writing – using these mediums to carry the revolution to make our world a better, resourceful, and sustainable place.