On the 19th of May 2017 the Slave Church museum at 40 on Longstreet in Cape Town will once again be a hive of activity and vibrant creative energy. Our theme for this event is ‘Amazing Africa’ and we focus on the many colorful facets of Africa. We look forward to seeing Thami and Profound as our MC’s for the evening. The linve-up boasts Lionel Bastos (Musician), Topollo TP Mihathi (Poet), Buya Afrika (Drummers), Khadija Heeger (Poet), Mish Hendricks (Belly Dancer), The Rosa Choir (CCC choir project), Khoi Khonnexion and Azanian Aesthetics in the line-up.

Delicious refreshments will be on sale and donations on entry.

Come an enjoy the evening with us!