The Cape Cultural Collective – a story of creativity, progress and transcending boundaries

The Cape Cultural Collective had humble beginnings in 2007 and today is a vibrant, dynamic organisation that drives a range of arts and culture projects in the City. These include choirs, monthly cultural programmes, poetry collaborations and cultural tourism.

The CCC, which is mostly self-funded, is guided by humanistic values of non-racialism, equality, non-sexism and personal and collective development.

The quality of its projects has grown over time and it has been successful in its attempts to transcend historical divides and open up new frontiers for young people.

Tenth anniversary of Cape Cultural Collective

The Cape Cultural Collective marks its 10th anniversary this year – 2017. It provides an opportunity to celebrate achievements, to reflect on progress and to set a solid foundation for the future.

The tenth anniversary programme will run throughout the year, with various highlights and includes;

  • The anniversary launch at the D6 Homecoming Centre
  • The launch of this website and an anniversary logo
  • A powerful series of monthly cultural programmes
  • A big fundraiser in July
  • A theatre production in September
  • An open air cultural programme in a public park in October
  • The further growth of the Rosa choir and the junior choir
  • The expansion of the cultural tourism project
  • Building media partnerships to expand the footprint of the CCC

We call upon communities, partners, artists and others to participate with us in the various programmes and projects during this momentous year.